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New to the site, New to jewlery, fascinated.


The machine is prompting me to introduce myself, so I am!

I\’ve been tinkering for years, my wife having all the art bones, I was left with none. So I focused on processes of all sorts.

Discovered copper work online, and fell in love. Currently adding silver as well.

I love to make things from as close to zero as I can. Yes, it\’s easier to buy preformed sheet, or tools, but I get so much satisfaction from starting from scratch.

I have had trouble my whole life focusing, feeling lost and full of dread. In this current realm, I feel at home for the first time, combining knowledge and practices from metal work to electronics, chemistry,math.

Currently working on a torch, preparing to make my second attempt at mokume gane, finishing up a 20 tonne bottle jack press, and otherwise exploring and practicing techniques.

Ganoksin free has been an incredible resource, so I purchased a membership. From reading, I\’m so impressed with so many sharing knowledge and helping.

Cheers, from Canada.


Welcome! I wish you all the luck in learning new things.

DLR from Australia

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Welcome! This is a great place to just lurk, learn, ask specific questions and eventually offer answers and observations…Rob

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