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New to orchid, it looks good


Hi, I just recently signed on to Orchid and opened up my e-mail
to more messages than I usually get in one year! I was a little
overwhelmed, but after reading them I saw a wealth of knowledge
and an excellent way to tap into it.

I think it is exciting that people from all over can look at the
same site and share their own personal knowledge that they have,
we would all like to know everything about everything but it is
safe to say that that would be impossible (well, at least for
me). So, Happy New Year to everyone and I’ll be more prepared
next time I look at my e-mail.



Patty: you can subscribe to a DIGEST version of Orchid that
comes in one email, which is alot less intimidating (smile). If
your email program is capable of filtering emails you can set up
a folder to divert Orchid emails to which is what I do. Just some

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