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New Super Flush Settings

There are several brands of the new Super Flush Style cutters. I see
Rio list’s 3. Does anyone have them and which is there favorite

Thanks to all

I’m looking for some advise on the new Super Flush Cutters. Does any
one use them what would you recommend Rio has three different brands
listed, Swanstrom, Lindstrom, and Xuron.

Thank you

I'm looking for some advise on the new Super Flush Cutters 

The first pair of Lindstrom’s I bought broke almost immediately, and
{Rio} wouldn’t replace them - that was years ago, and I mentally
boycotted Lindstrom for some years. Now I wouldn’t use anything else

  • I have zero knowlege of the other two brands, BTW. For one piece of
    advise - don’t get the tiniest cutters unless you do the tiniest work
  • mine are about medium (RX 8150). I also love their chain-nose
    pliers. I like long, slender jaws, just like theirs.

Have you tried the ex-80 cutters by lindstrom?

Andy " The Tool Guy" Kroungold