New Super Flush Cutters

I’m still hoping for an answer. Does anyone use these new cutters
and what brand do you all prefer. I am saving for these, but don’t
want to waste my money if my fellow jewelers don’t think there worth

Thank you all

Does anyone have those new Super Flush Cutters; what brand? Do you
think they are worth the money. Thanks all for your help, money is a
bit tight and I am trying to be a bit careful on what I spend.



I have a pair of Lindstrom super-flush cutters and am very happy with
them. They give a very precise cut, exactly where I want it. These
are useful for getting into a tight spot and trimming a wire exactly
where you want it without having to finish the end of the wire
further. They are not meant for heavy-duty work, but give a nice
flush end on fine pieces. It is one of the tools I’m glad I spent
the extra money on.

Laurel Cavanaugh

Hello Sue,

Does anyone have those new Super Flush Cutters; what brand? 

I haven’t see a response to your question so I hope you don’t mind
if I chime in here.

I love the Linstrom super flush cutters, very good pliers, but my
personal choice is to use the Swanstrom. Swanstrom cutters have a
setscrew in the handle so you can adjust the cutting action so the
blades don’t actually make contact with themselves, this is what
dulls blades the quickest, and supper flush cutter blades will dull
the quickest out of the other types of cuts. Both Swanstrom and
Linstrom pliers are made from high quality steel and go through very
stringent quality control. So, yes either brand is well worth the
money for any of their pliers/cutters.

Hope this helps,

Thackeray Taylor
Rio Grande Technical Support
505-839-3000 ex 13903


I’m sorry it took three of your posts before I answered this query;
year end is always a rushed time for me (inventory, closing the
books, and after Christmas order filling). I have used the Lindstom
pure flush cutters, both the medium duty and light duty (#'s 8162 and
8142), for a while now and I love them. I polish the tips of the
light duty and use them for trimming prong length after setting
without damage to even sensitive stones like tanzanite and opal (
the practice saves on the movement of prongs due to drag during
filing them), and they are great for cutting excess length off of
soldered hinge wires as close to a bracelet or hinged shank body as
possible. They don’t cut a truly flush; but they are as close as I’ve
ever come to it short of using saws. Of coarse only one side of the
wire being cut is flush, the other is angled.

They are quite durable. I’ve been able to push the light duty to cut
up to 14ga.-14K white gold wire many times. I have once snapped the
tips on my light duty by doing this, which is why I now have both
models. I reshaped the tips of the pair I snapped and they are back
in service for prong work only.

Paul (in soon to be chilly, snowy (again) Colorado.