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New Source For Stones

I am a jewerly designer who is constantly looking for new sources
of unique stones for my pieces. If anyone has a great source for
me - let me know.

I hope that sources of unique stones is posted as a public
note!!! : )

I hope that sources of unique stones is posted as a public
note!!!  : )

Dear : ) ,

Actually I replied privately to DeDe, not wanting to seem like I
was using this forum to advertise my business–but since you

I am a college biology professor whose obsession/passion for
gemstones has taken over my life. To the extent that I have a
collection of rare stones of near 700; am close to obtaining my
GG, and now operate a business dealing in unique stones which I
cut myself. Artistic Colored Stones is my business name and I
specialize in one of a kind pieces for jewelry designers and
collectors. My list is available via email (which I am sending
to you privately) as well as snail mail. In the printed version
I have colored images. Anyone who is interested can email me to
get more You can also see some of my work
displayed at Olympic Mt. Gems web site. All this came about
because I innocently picked up a little book called Eyewitness
Handbook of Gemstones and was hooked. Now I am trying to learn
gold and silversmithing so that I can set some of my own stones.
I enjoy this forum tremendously although I have been just a
lurker until now.


Barbara W. Smigel, PhD
Artistic Colored Stones
3920 W. Charleston Blvd. #275
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102
(702) 382-0694 email: @smigelb

Plenty of unique opals from three major Australian fields.
Boulder opal is probably the most unique. Often accompanied by
one-o -a kind patterns in association with the ironstone "mother"
rock. Everything from $20 up. <@opals_aus>

All the best with your designs. Hope I can help.