New source for ferric nitrate for etching silver

Bryant Labs in Berkeley, where I used to get ferric nitrate for
etching sterling or finesilver, has closed. While other sources for
ferric nitrate have been posted here, there is a new Bay Area company
supplying ferric nitrate and other chemicals for artists, Their office is in San Leandro near the Oakland
airport, and they’ll let you drop by and pick up your order to save
the hazardous shipping fee, which is substantial.

The usual disclaimers…I have no financial relationship with them,
etc. Even though they’re a small business still getting started, they
were very helpful and responsive when I placed an order. The staff is
knowledgeable and friendly, and they are willing to post links on
their website for customers who teach classes or give demonstrations
of techniques that use their chemicals. I was really concerned when
Bryant Labs shut down, but this new company is really promising.

Mona Clee

Thanks so much for the good news, Mona! We were just wondering today
where we were going to buy our chemicals. And the new place is very
close to me!