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New smaller size ear wires


Can someone please tell me what the heck has happened to GF ear wire
size these days. I re-ordered from my regular supplier and they are
smaller than they used to be just a few months ago. My supplier said
that they can’t get the old size (19-20mm tall, 8.75 mm wide)
anymore - the manufacturer is just making the new smaller size (18mm
tall, 8mm wide). I re-ordered from 2 other companies and I get the
same story - can only get the petite version. It used to be that the
GF french wires were the same size as the SS french wires, but no
longer. Does anybody have the scoop on why GF french wires are
smaller than SS french wires. Does anybody know who is still
manufacturing the the old normal-size ones?



Hi Carol, Ours are still the standard earwire size. Feel free to
download our catalog at