New shop tool

I recently saw an ad for this hand grinder attachment and went looking for it locally and actually found this instead that comes with its own motor. This is a cheap tool from harbor freight. I plugged it into my lucas foot pedal and look how good this works. It’s a very versatile belt sander. I can get belts down to 400 grit for it. I bought it for making knives with my son but I see jewelry applications for sure, especially with 400 grit.

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Great idea - thanks for posting. Wonderful videos!

Love it. Next time i have to replace my HF belt sander, i’ll look at this.

Do you have a link to that tool, price?

This is the smaller belt sander set up I use at the bench. I like the fact that it fits into my GRS BenchMate system, and is powered by my Foredom flex shaft.

Hello “scavengerqr” I couldn’t help notice this sander that you are showing and using our #9 Lowboy Rheostat to regulate the speed, that’s great. I have one question for you… does the belt sander have a variable trigger switch or just an on/off switch? If it has a variable trigger switch, than I would suggest that you max out the switch to high speed and then use our #9 Lowboy Rheostat… the reason is that you should not use two variables going against each other, otherwise something will burn out, the motor or the #9 Lowboy… PS: I’m glad that your happy with one of our #9 Lowboys…Regards, Richard Lucas…

I like that. Do you clamp it in a vise? How does it hold still?

I, too, use Kate Wolf’s belt sander, and have for many years. It’s a real workhorse. I’ve attached it to the Lucas Rheostat/foot pedal. Works like a charm.

Is an on or off locking switch. Works well.

The only advantage then with the hand held one is you can take it wherever and use different angles. You can put that wand end into openings too sand also. Not to mention it’s only $36 if you don’t need the footpedal.