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New setting bur

Fellow Orchidites, For years, I have struggled with the simple
problem of inserting a standard tapered head, be it a bezel or prong
setting, into a standard shank. You can drill a straight hole, but
you must then file or bur the opening to a 17 degree taper. Not
necessarily difficult, but a bit of a pain. I always wondered why no
one made a cone bur with a 17 degree taper.

So, I asked John Frei, of the Otto Frei brothers, this question. Two
weeks ago, I got a package in the mail from John with a note: “Try

Life is now much better. All you need to do to install a tapered
head is to simply drill a hole, insert the cone bur, and "Presto!"
The head fits perfectly. To adjust the height, simply bur a little

You won’t find these in the catalog (yet), but they can be obtained
if you simply call and ask for the “new 17 degree cone bur.” I had
some of my students try these at the last workshop, and everyone
felt the same way I did: What took so long?

No affiliation here with Otto Frei, just wanted my friends on Orchid
to be the first to grab these.

Douglas Zaruba

Don’t forget to claim your royalties! Too many have been screwed by
the unscrupulous sob’s that make the bucks we work hard to put in
their pockets, let alone give them free ideas, for what it’s
worth… Ringman john

I was wondering if this new bur is in fact the new 70 degree bur
that hit the market this year, I know that Stuller has them in their
tools and supply catalog. I believe that they are really useful in
gypsy mountings as well. Your input is appreciated.

Stuller offers two cone burs in their catalog. The H.S. cone listed
on pg.71 is too wide. The pointed cone listed on pg. 69 is closer,
but too narrow. ( This sounds like Goldilocks and the Three
Bears…) “Then the setter tried the 17 degree bur and exclaimed
’Ohhh, this is just right!”

I have been using the narrower HS bur for years, and it almost works.
With a little wiggling, you can get a good fit. With the 17 degree
bur, it is always a perfect fit. I have no idea why the bur guys have
been making a cone bur for years that almost matches the angle of all
the tapered heads, when they could have easily made one that matches
perfectly. Life is full of questions like that.

Douglas Zaruba
Zaruba & Co.
35 N. Market St.
Frederick, MD 21701
301 695-4556