New sapphire treatment

Ugly Greenish Sapphires are being diffusion treated to look like
those lovely apricot orange Sapphires, I would call them by name
but the letter between 'i and k in the alphabet has stopped working
on my key board, Padpoura-a is as close as I can get! Anyway, the
GIA has started testing them, dont know if the colour is safe to
heat, be careful at Tuscon! karen in vancouver

Hello In India and Srilanka Hindu relegion people belive that The
legs of Lord lakshmi touched that stone and so the pink color came
in. Also the Lordess Lakshmi stays in a Lotus ( Flower of a pink
coloured water plant)In srilanka and in Taiwan greenish coloured or
ash coloured coroundum rough is Heat treated for giving dark greenish
blue color. giving pink color is new news to me I am Tomy Joseph a
gemmologist from Kerala India.