New ring attempt

This has been a lot of cutting and carving. It’s going to be a more expensive ring version of an antique costume earring from a long time ago. The 2 top sections will eventually curve up and everything will get detailed. Instead of soldering, it will be cold-connected through the middle. A thin filigree back will go behind the flower parts. Thoughts?
(I know, i know, i do too much, but i learn a lot)


I don’t believe in doing too much for a project! I learn more from my mistakes (and fixing them) then I do from my successes.

Filigree is one technique I struggle a lot with. Have you done much in that space? Classic filigree is one of my personal favorites in silversmithing.

I’m also curious - your curved parts in the front, won’t those block the series of set turcoise “petals” from view?


The other 2 parts will actually be coming up almpst into a ball around another stone (or thats the idea anyway). Filigree has been one of those ive struggled with, so we will sed where this gets. lol. Im thinking of also adding some keum boo on the top one for a pop of thinking filigree is likely so much easier with gold. I cant wait to afford to get some.

I’ve only managed the simplest of filigree designs. But it was how I taught myself wire drawing so there’s that!

Gold is crazy. Couldn’t wrap my mind around how little I got with a major purchase :exploding_head:

Looking forward to seeing how this goes!

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I’m going to attempt the hammering and other things tonight that my brain is telling me is going to work so I will update to let you know if it actually flies LOL