New resources for pearls


I need some new resources for pearls. I am going to sign up for
a pearl seminar so I can understand exactly what I am buying and
finally become an educated consumer.

I am looking for 10 -12mm freshwater round white pearls. The
place I visit in person to buy pearls have nice stuff but they
are not consistent. I bought a really nice strand several weeks
ago and the place I purchased it from are out. I called
American Pearls today and their prices were 8 times higher then
the amount I have previously paid(I have paid $100 bucks for a
really nice temporary strand of freshwater pearls round 10
-12mm) I need to get my hands on some more pearls but I feel my
ignorance about pearls is getting the best of me. Am I being
unrealistic in believing I can ever get more 10 -12mm round
freshwater pearls again for $100.00? I am not talking potato
shaped here - I am talking about reasonably round pearls.

Does anyone have any additional sources I can try?


DeDe, I’ve been VERY happy with the pearls and prices from
Pacific Pearls. Fuji and his staff are knowledgable and very
helpful. They carry a good selection of fairly standard pearls,
and a wide variety of unusual ones, including Japanese
twice-born pearls.

The next show I have listed for them is July 9-11 at Intergem in
Pasadena, CA. They’ll be in the wholesale section.

You can also reach them at:
Pacific Pearl
PO Box 1193
Mill Valley, CA 94941

Hope they can help! Karen in Boulder, CO (recovering from doing 4
shows in 5 weeks)

Hi Dede-

I just went to the International Gem and Jewelry show this past
weekend in Seattle. While there, I came across Pacific Pearls
(located in CA, address below). Marcia Fentress spent 15-20
minutes explaining the differences between pearls and key things
to watch out for. I don’t know how their prices compare to other
pearl companies, but they were very nice to take the time to
educate me and make me a better customer - and they most likely
will get me as a customer in the future…

Pacific Pearls
P.O. Box 1193
Mill Valley, CA 94941
(415) 383-3978
Hong Kong: (852) 2366-7028
Tokyo: (813) 3452-4801

Lori (in Seattle, where the rain is back… ugh!)

DeDe - I am using a company in NYC for my pearls. They used to
participate in the G & LW shows here in Florida - that’s how I
met them. They no longer do the shows but are willing to send
me pearls on memo. I have found them to be very reasonably
priced. I still prefer to see my pearls before buying. The
address is:

                    Majestic Pearl and Stone Inc.
                    1170 Broadway, Rm. 513   (Broadway and 28th St.)
                    NY, NY  10001
                    Fax: (212) 684-1959

If you call, ask for Jan Wang. It’s family owned and his father
doesn’t speak English. Hope you like them as much as I do!