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New pendant


Carnelian with Moonstone in Sterling and 14k.


WOW, that is beautiful. And the picture shows it wonderfully.

Can I ask what type of clasp you use for that type of cord ? I have lots
of cord I bought while living in Japan but still have not worked out a
suitable closing. So far I have made them without a closing and only to
put over ones head. My recent enamel necklaces need to be shorter and I am
a bit stumped about a closing. If you don’t want to say, no problem, I

Again, lovely necklace!!



Well done - thank you for posting.


They make lobster claw catches just for this.You can get from at Rio


Nice work. . .very clean lines. Love the glow of that carnelian!

On a side note, you may want to consider posting your pieces under one gallery heading. This way, everyone can view them in one spot without having to find and click multiple posts. Just a thought. Have a good evening and thanks for sharing!



That makes sense. Thank you.


So following your advise here is another pendant


Thumbs up


Great work…


Well thanks JimGrahl and


You can purchase them here too: Sterling Silver Lobster Claws or fabricate your own by soldering rings onto the ends of tubes then attaching lobster claws to the rings.