[New Orchid Gallery] Violaine Ulmer

Violaine Ulmer
Toulouse, France

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To Violaine Ulmer, each piece of jewelry is first of all a small
sculpture with their own plastic qualities; a sculpture that becomes
jewellery because it is worn, presented by a person.

After her studies in plastic art in Paris, France, Violaine Ulmer
has continued her own research and participated in workshops led by
established artists.

Her expanding knowledge of jewellery techniques increases the field
of possibilities open to her: each piece is above all a sculpture, a
further source of experimentation, “In the conception of a piece of
jewellery the same questions have to be asked; considerations of the
interactions of light, transparency, form and space if one decides
to create a plastic object, and not just a piece of adornment.”

This approach gives form to “objewels”
(objects-sculptures-jewellery), work that can be placed at the
intersection of art-led fashion and design.

Her current explorations are centred on the meeting point between
specific porcelain techniques and classic jewellery-making processes
from which she evolves forms that are pared to the essence, yet
generous and which exploit the fundamental character of her

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