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[New Orchid Gallery] Val Williams

Val Williams
SlickSilver Jewellery
Plymouth, Devon. UK

Orchid Gallery:

Val Williams grew up in the Midlands and attended a Rudolph Steiner
school from the age of 3 until 17 and throughout those years she
enjoyed every aspect of the highly creative atmosphere. Coming from
a crafting family she continued to knit and sew whilst bringing up
her family. After studying for three years with the Open University
as part of her work in the health service Val decided to follow a
path which would become all consuming. She decided to make

Val trained at the Contemporary Jewellery Gallery under the tutelage
of Victoria Sewart in basic metalsmithing prior to starting
SlickSilver Jewellery. Her inspiration now comes from the textures
and colours found in the world around her. Her silver work has an
organic quality and incorporates found objects such as seaglass and
often features her previous sewing skills.

Anodised aluminium has become a recent feature of SlickSilver
Jewellery’s collections and has allowed Val to fully explore her
love of colour and design. The aluminium is hand painted using
specialist inks, and/or printed both manually and digitally and then
dyed using her own blends of aluminium dye. After sealing, she cuts
it in varying ways to ensure that each piece of the small amount
produced is unique and exciting. Shapes are deliberately kept simple
to exploit the design which is never repeated once all the material
is used. Her signature collection features deeply textured anodised
aluminium with repeating hand pierced shapes with sterling silver
elements and hand finished.

The resulting pieces of art jewellery are highly individual and

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