[New Orchid Gallery] Tom Herman

Tom Herman
of Seven Fingers Studio (17 Images)

since he was a boy, Tom Herman has been an artist. In 1982, he
channeled his artistic talents into his new business, Seven Fingers
Jewelers, named for his own handprint after having lost three fingers
as a child in a Minnesota farming accident. Over the last 30 years,
Tom has become a master jewelry maker, renowned for his talents at
working with precious stones, metal carving, and unique designs.
Tom’s timeless pieces are inspired by organic forms and geometric
balance. In designs that centerpiece precious stones, Tom begins by
searching through piles of opals, agates, or other precious materials
to find unique stones that, in his words, “are able to take on a
greater meaning”. With this vision, Tom cuts each stone and frames it
in a way to bring out its natural beauty. Not all Tom’s pieces focus
on precious stones; his precious metal carving is spectacular enough
to stand alone. Some of his most popular carvings, including laurel,
oak, and ginkgo leaves, have been rendered in earrings, rings,
cufflinks, brooches, and bracelets. Throughout his work, Tom has
cultivated his talents and created pieces of art that will be worn
and admired for many generations to come.

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Stunning work, Tom!

Jeff Herman


beyond absolutely gorgeous!

Sharon Perdasofpy

Stunning jewels! I love the carved florals especially.


So very lovely that I forwarded your link to my friends and family.

-Jo Haemer

Tom, We have never met but I have admired your work many for years.
We all see a lot of work that is inspired by nature, much of it very
good, but there is something about your work that really hits me on
a deeper level. It’s strikingly beautiful and remarkably well
crafted, but more than that it’s almost magical somehow.


Absolutely stunning!


Exquisite! I especially love the Priday plume agate set in a gold
frame - see brooches, third row, first on left. - Lorraine

His work is certainly beautiful. Took my breath away, actually, and
it’s the logical extension of what I’m trying to do.

As a note of potential general interest to the group, I noticed he
will be teaching a five day workshop in January (1/20-1/24) at the
"Craft Guild of Dallas". If only I could go! It looks like a riveting
five days.

If this class is everoffered again anywhere in New England, I’m
definitely in.


His work is certainly beautiful. Took my breath away 

Without getting too weird about it. There was a children’s book that
I loved when I was a kid. It was all color photographs of woodland
flora, trillium’s, jack-in-the-pulpit’s, that sort of thing. The text
in the book associated these plant images with mystery and woodland
magic, fairies and tiny invisible communities of magical beings
beyond our sight. That book, who’s name I’ve long forgotten, had a
profound effect on my young view of the natural world. It always come
back to mind when I walk in the woods. Tom’s work gives me the same


One of my most favorite jewelers and a very nice fellow, to boot!