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[New Orchid Gallery] Steven Brownlee

Steven Brownlee

Since childhood, Steven Brownlee has had his finger on the pulse of
creativity. After meeting and working with street artists in the
late '90s, he developed an interest in metal working, and discovered
a local establishment where he began taking jewelry classes. The
jewelry instructor, who noticed how quickly he developed his skills
as well as his natural ability to work with metal, invited him to
come to every class in order to assist the other students. Many
years later, Brownlee began participating in art shows around the
state of Florida. In late 2004, he decided to take his skills to the
next level, and he attended the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in
San Francisco. While attending the academy, Brownlee honed in on his
skills he already possessed and developed a considerable amount of
new ones. He was fortunate enough to have had the chance to study
under numerous prominent and established master goldsmiths. He then
went on to be bench jeweler at Alix and Company in the San Francisco
bay area, where he fabricated fine jewelry in gold, silver,
platinum, and palladium. In 2007, Brownlee moved back to his home
town, Miami, in order to pass on what he has learned. In September
of 2007, Brownlee’s dream came true, he opened the Jewelry Creations

Sterling Ring with Fold Formed Copper Inlay and 18k Rivits
Sterling Earrings with Mahogany Inlay
Sterling Ring with Mahogany Inlay
Sterling Necklace with Brasilian Black Wood and 18k Rivit
Sterling Pendent with Florite
Sterling Ring, Amethyst set in 18k
Sterling Ring