[New Orchid Gallery] Sarah Kobak

Sarah Kobak

I am a goldsmith with a huge passion for traditional techniques. I
developed my style by experimenting and trying different techniques I
have read about in books or learned during my education. My
inspiration comes fom the materials themselves. Looking at texture,
prints, shapes and forms of (for example) textile or lace. Right now
I am making jewellery with granulation; an old technique used by the
Etruscan. I am using the granulation not just as an decorative
technique, but I also use the granulation to set gemstones with.
Textile and lace, and then especially the print it leaves in the
metal after milling it into the metal, is also a technique I use in
my work. This in combination with colorful gemstones and the
granulation. Also reticulation plays a huge part in my designs. I am
also looking into 3D and how I can combine this with traditional

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