[New Orchid Gallery] Robyn Nichols

Robyn Nichols
Live and work in Kansas City, MO., USA
and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

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My desire to create is continuously inspired by the essence of life
which nature and botany are symbols and themes in my work. Natural
beauty and function are my most important accomplishments in every
piece I create. The curves and balance in my flatware for instance
are equally influenced by how they should feel in the hands of the
user and how well they fit the requirements of their use. An
awareness of the function of an object is always taken into
consideration at the inception of its design.

Since the breath of life, the flow of movement found in all growing
things is so important as an expression through out my work, I
fabricate my creations; using Old World techniques such as repousse
and chasing, forging down of wire work and laboriously high
polishing everything before it goes into the hands of my collectors.
I use silver for its reflectiveness and apply techniques to catch
light in a way to make my pieces appear to have breath or the
essence of growing.

My style is strong and distinctive; highly detailed and
illustrative. I am a self taught metalsmith; smithing in sterling
silver and high karat gold since the early 70’s. Along with
smithing, I have continued the study of horticulture, which is
repetitious in my work.

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