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Randy Stromsoe

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A classically trained silversmith, Randy Stromsoe handcrafts what
will be the sterling silver heirlooms of our future. Stromsoe works
in a variety of styles which include sterling silver and pewter in
the Arts and Crafts period of his master, the late Porter Blanchard,
as well as his own unique contemporary designs in gold, silver,
pewter, copper and wood. His body of work spans 4 decades and is
highly sought after by corporate and private collectors worldwide.

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Randy is one of the great silversmiths we have in the North America.
In addition to his jewelry, his forged flatware and holloware are
also beautifully designed and crafted. If you haven’t been to Randy’s
Web site, you can find it here: Randy Stromsoe

Jeff Herman
Society of American Silversmiths