[New Orchid Gallery] Petra Class

Petra Class

Trained as a silversmith in Germany and having spent several years
constructing tableware, my approach to jewelry making is informed
foremost by the European tradition of applied art. I limit myself to
creating jewelry that is wearable and also, to a big degree, to the
materials traditionally perceived as precious. Within these
limitations I am trying to develop my own language, hoping to be
able to not only communicate my own sensibilities but also a sense
of contemporary aesthetique.

Over the years, I find certain themes reoccurring in my work, the
rhythmical arrangements of several elements, repetition of similar
forms or colors, the unexpected contrasts of differently textured

I am endlessly fascinated with precious or not…by the
wealth of different reds found in nature, by the sea of blues: the
opaqueness of lapis, the transparency and subtlety of a lightly
lilac-colored sapphire. One can almost paint with these stones.
Within the self-imposed limitation of, for instance, making a gold
brooch I feel I can, through my choice of colors and textures,
communicate a certain mood , an attitude towards life that in turn
will be, I hope , sensed by whoever is looking at the piece…like a
improvisational jazz melody, like an abstract landscape…

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