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[New Orchid Gallery] Patrizia Vonati

Patrizia Vonati
Gioielli Di Laboratorio
Cremona, Italy

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Patrizia Bonati was born in 1964 in Cremona. From 1987 - 91 she did
her rudimentary training as a goldsmith alongside a craftsman and in
the workshop of a Milanese sculptor. In 1991 she opened her own
workshop in the city centre. She took part in many specialization
courses with goldsmiths at the school in Padova. She lives and works
in Cremona. She takes part in many exhibitions in galleries and
museums both in Italy and abroad. The Grassi Museum f=FCr Angewandte
Kunst, in Lipsia, Germany has 2 pieces of her jewellery created in
2003 in its collection. From 2012 The Cominelli Foundation in Cisano
San Felice del Benaco, Brescia has had as part of its permanent
exhibition a brooch.

The use of materials allows her to create individual pieces in
differents hues of colour. Her work is characterized by her use of
elastic gold threads, plates of gold shaped by hammering. She often
adds a finishing touch of white enamel. She is attracted by the
concept of movement and transformation and by the idea that
everything is able to metamorphosize. A necklace can become a
bracelet, an earring a brooch and a ring can be transformed into a
bracelet. The raw surface, colour and texture lend an original
aspect to her jewellery. All these elements give her work a
contemporary vision while maintaining a strong connection with the

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