[New Orchid Gallery] Pallavi Gandhi

Pallavi Gandhi
Studio 605
New Delhi, Delhi

Orchid Gallery:

Jewellery is the intimate medium through which I document my life’s

Our multifarious human emotions colour our senses. Objectivity is
transcended and transformed, bringing into play the subjective fact:

the shaping of an experience.

We affect our lives and our environment constantly with our
perceptions and intentions.

Not what I saw, but how.
Not what I heard, but how.
Not what I said, but how.

These experiences start my design dialogue.

The inherent duality of metal: its simple purity and its intrinsic
dynamism to lend itself to innumerable textures and finishes, makes
it the perfect ally to my storytelling ways.

I hope the wearers will enrich this tradition and add their own
experiences to it by engaging in and continuing the dialogue.

Artist Bio

I completed a 2-yr diploma in jewellery design & manufacturing in
2001 from Jewellery Design & Technology Institute, Noida. And
thereafter, taught jewellery design for about 6 years (at J.D.T.I.),
a very fulfilling experience that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Being a studio jeweler, each piece has been conceptualized and
handcrafted by me.

I started this venture 3 years ago and had my first exhibit in a
group show of artists in Tank Gallery, U.K. in 2010, and now mostly
sell through exhibitions and fairs.

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