[New Orchid Gallery] Nena G. Potts

Nena G. Potts

My current work is a search to include rich color along with movement
and new ways of connecting the wearer with the object. My spinning
tube bracelets and rings encourage the wearer to participate and
interact with the work. The tubes are removable allowing the wearer
to easily slip the bracelet on and off the wrist. The spinning tubes
serve to entertain as well as access the wearer. These components
constantly change as we move our viewpoint and challenge the
stereotypes of traditional jewelry. I am also interested in the
passage of time, and the idea of closure. I explore this concept by
devising interesting ways to connect a piece rather than an ordinary
clasp. Much of my work will incorporate hidden closures that are and
integral part of the design, but also allow the wearer to easily
access the jewelry. As I have aged I realized that there is a real
need to be able to easily wear a piece of jewelry. I do not have the
time or desire to fumble with a clasp therefore “necessity is the
mother of invention”. My work contains more than meets the eye at
first glance. So this is a mirror for my
life and my work is a reflection of it.