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[New Orchid Gallery] Michele Throne


Michele Throne
Sidhe Designs
Lyons, CO. USA

At a very young age I was exploring everything outdoors creating
imaginary cities of insects and animals amongst the sand, dirt and
roots of trees. This natural connection we have to the earth and our
universe is a constant source for creativity. It is from this place
that I find the most inspiration in making jewelry. Next to nature,
I have found the complexities of the human experience to bring
meaning and emotion to the images that arise during the creative

I’ve always pushed my education in the arts, even skipping class in
high school to go work in the art room and taking summer math
courses so I could focus on art during the school year. It was here
that I had my first encounter with metal in a jewelry class. College
was the first big step on a long journey of discovering who I was. I
went big focusing on installation and drawing. After school and
traveling, I landed back into silversmithing and built up my skills
taking classes for over 10 year period while I was teaching art.
Currently, along with my partner, Dan Schaufele, I am making living
creating jewelry!

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