[New Orchid Gallery] Meredith Arnold

Meredith Arnold

I am a lifelong student of design and can think of nothing better
than to explore stylization, material combinations and design
elements to create work with the aesthetic that I’m reaching for. I
am intrigued by mixing media, bringing motion into play and working
with materials that don’t occur together naturally. The challenge is
to combine disparate things and still create a harmony in the

I think it’s important to mentor others so I teach around the U.S.
and for two colleges andan art center in the Seattle area. It is
delightful tome to be able to watch a collective body of information
that I’ve presented come together in someone else’s head whether
it’s a new technique, a way of thinking or seeing, or a renewed
sense of confidence for someone in their own skills. Seeing those
cogs come together for someone is a privilege to witness and
enriches my world. I love sharing that feeling of the world
expanding from the new awareness and potential that new knowledge
gives. I love that.

Meredith Arnold
Comedian Artist, Designer, Instructor
Level 2 PMC Instructor