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[New Orchid Gallery] Mary Frisbee Johnson

Mary Frisbee Johnson
Waterloo, IA. USA

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Continuing my past explorations into humorous narrative imagery done
through metals and jewelry, the brooches in the Cartouche Series are
fabricated from sterling silver and copper combined with
lithographed tin from advertising tins, pinbacks, product
containers, and toys manufactured over the last one-hundred-thirty
years. These tins represent an excellent overview of popular culture
and lithographed tin images are particularly rich and interesting in
both design and printing. These images are sandwiched between layers
of metal. The top layer is sterling silver, etched and patinated
with my own hieroglyphs, enhancing the narrative set up between the
text of the pin (these are American, from the 1940s) and the
lithographed tin image.

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