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[New Orchid Gallery] Marion Pannekoek


Marion Pannekoek

We are Jan Kerkstra and Marion Pannekoek, jewelry designers and
goldsmiths. Our atelier (studio), The Jewelry Story, is located in a
small Dutch village called Wijnjewoude. We work together for over 25
years making originally handmade jewelry, wedding rings, everyday
objects and sculptures.

Most designs are one of a kind, every piece of jewelry is a design
by us and individually handmade with impeccable craftsmanship and
much love. We use materials such as silver, gold, plexiglass,
different types of wood and (semi) precious stones.

Our specialty is working with wood. We have developed a special
method for combining wood and precious metal, which does not only
produce gorgeous but also durable pieces of jewelry and objects. For
instance, we make silver, gold or titanium wedding rings that are
inlaid with a thin line of wood.

As for the wood we use: over the years we have collected all kinds
of beautiful pieces of wood. Especially for wedding rings we use
eighty-year-old cherry and ebony wood.

Passion is contagious! Show us your passion, Show us your work!

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