[New Orchid Gallery] Loren Damewood

Loren Damewood

The center strand is all hand-laid, and all the wire is hand drawn,
so this ring represents a lot of effort – I think it was worth it,

I used a Cloud Dome and my Fujifilm S3-Pro to take the picture. Sunny
day, but shaded by a tree so it wouldn’t be overpoweringly bright. My
eyes are getting pretty bad, so it was hard to get the focus just

This ring represents some of my favorite materials and processes.
There are about twenty six inches of 24K gold wire, 0.030" in
diameter, tied into a doubled Turk’s-head knot with five leads and
eleven loops around the edges, and the center strand is made with
about a hundred and twenty inches of 18K green gold, tripled,
twisted to the left, then tripled again and twisted to the right, to
make about thirteen inches of cable.

Ring size is 10 (American), inner diameter is 0.78" and width is
0.34", and it weighs 7.5 grams.