[New Orchid Gallery] Liz Yeon Ji Na

Liz Yeon Ji Na

I have a desire to create, manipulate and reinterpret jewellery,
this is exceptionally critical along with my artistic will. My
strong determination to become a jewellery designer has inspired my
practice. Jewellery is a fascinating artistic field with a powerful
historical background and symbolism. It is my inspiration and

I continuously pursue and maintain conceptual content throughout the
practice. As a minimalist, I capture simplicity, flexibility, and
sometimes beauty in adornment. The style of design includes the
importance of lines and shapes of objects and in their movement on
the body.

My current research focuses on technological aspects of jewellery
making. This includes softwares such as photoshop and rhino CAD.
They support the incorporation of digital applications with the
established traditional 2D drawing. After studying rendering on
papers with different materials, I approach the 3D modeling with the
technical skills I’ve acquired. I’m making sure that this
opportunity of art making becomes a significant merit in my future
innovative and creative practice.

“Jambiya” Brooch, photoetched copper, brass, agat, 2010 This
piece is inspired from Jambiya, a tratidional Yemeni sword, from
my trip to Yemen in 2007.

“One-of-a-kind brooch” organic casting in sterling silver,
anodized titanium pearls, nickel silver, sterling silver pinback,

“Freedom is the Key” bronze cast, 24K gold plated, ruby, 2010 The
piece is chased after going through casting process, giving more
depth into it. The crane in the front and the pin wheel image
relate to each other in terms of freedom. Tubing holds the ruby,
accentuating the general aesthetic appearance.