[New Orchid Gallery] Lesley McKeown

Lesley McKeown

Born in Kansas City not long after both my parents graduated from KC
Art Institute, I was exposed to art and design at an early age. It
was this nurturing environment that enabled me to recognize my
intuitive abilities and eventually express my creative proclivities.
It was after a short stint as an apprentice with a silversmith that
I became smitten with the medium and the sculptural possibilities of
metal. Primarily self- taught my approach is straightforward,
exploring forms and techniques, using only essential details in
search of a simplicity that balances the idiosyncrasies of nature
with the clean rhythms of Modernism.

As an American studio jeweler for 29 years my focus has evolved to
include the importance of educating people to the importance of art
in our lives. We have a responsibility to teach excellence
regardless of medium or price.