[New Orchid Gallery] Katarina (Galic) Cudic

Katarina (Galic) Cudic

Born: 1978, Serbia

I have been involved in the jewelry industry as I was very small. I
grow up in father’s goldsmith studio, so I am not able to imagine
myself to do something other then art jewelry.

With years, it came a desire for further improvement so I started
studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade (Serbia,
exYugoslavia), department of Art History, and that studies, letter,
resulted with my Msc thesis based on medieval history of jewelry.
Wish for education and training led me to Italy, where, at jewelry
school Le Arti Orafe in Florence, I have learned a lot about making

Time I have spent in researching the history of jewelry and years
that I have spent in Italian workshop, had big influence on my work.
Namely, at the same time I try to reconcile what traditional and
contemporary, both in terms of techniques and materials, as well as
in design. My pieces are strong individualized and unique, while I am
always strive to achieve harmony between wearable and artistic. I
never forget that jewelry is much more than an ornament and that,
like every other artistic medium has its own language and meanings.

For me and my work everything can be an inspiration, and in that
sense my last collection is inspired by that small signs which show
us the right way in our everyday life, signpost along the road.