[New Orchid Gallery] Julie Hiltbrunner

Julie Hiltbrunner
Willow Park, TX. USA

Julie Hiltbrunner went to college to earn a degree in English
Literature but left with the added bonus of a minor in Fine Art.
Continued art education at a university didn’t impress her much so
she abandoned tradition schooling and found independent instructors
to further her art. Without a proper education in jewelry making but
a strong desire to also make jewelry, Julie sought out instructors
for soldering and then stone setting.

Most of what she has learned has been at the bench itself with lots
of trial and error. Having the nature to be a show off in the gym
has aided her in building her strength which has been quite helpful
when turning the crank on her manual rolling mill and swinging a

Like birds the attraction to all things shiny and colorful has been
her major motivation. Unlike roadrunners though, Julie loves her

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