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[New Orchid Gallery] Jose Marin


Jose Marin

Born in Valencia on Aug. 11, 1965, son of a craftsman jeweler, at
the age of 13 I go school of Jewellers Guild Valencia, I studied
there for nine years. Graduated as superior technical artistic
jewelry design by the Superior School of Art and Design in Valencia.
My father taught me the art of forging and Baroque jewelry Valencia.
1992-2006; I take charge of section of custom made jewelry of a
traditional workshop. In 2006 I open my own workshop. I’m a lover of
Renaissance, I am inspired by nature and architecture. Since 2010 the
Titanium has become one of my everyday metals along with gold,
silver and precious stones. Titanium is a great unknown, hard, tough
and resists being manipulated. I work hand techniques always, I had
to learn for myself all the secrets it contains. At the moment I’m
interested in jewelry as a form of dialogue. To me a jewel is a
novel we write between the viewer and me.

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