[New Orchid Gallery] Jeanie Pratt

Artist: Jeanie Pratt
Orchid Gallery: Jewelry Gallery - Ganoksin Orchid Jewelry Forum Community for Jewelers and Metalsmiths

As a fiber artist who now works with metal, I find that after 30
years, I am still striving to turn straw into gold! I am passionate
about discovering the surprises of using fiber techniques in my work
with copper, silver, gold and niobium. With a weaver’s eye for
color, I explore the processes of applying patinas and enamels, as
well as incorporating gemstones and beads into my work.

My designs and patterns have been inspired by the study of
traditional textiles that I encountered while living in West Africa,
Guatemala , and the United Kingdom . My organic geometric shapes are
derived from my earlier studies of entomology, botany and my love of
natural history in general.

I love to pursue possibilities that emerge from within the solitude
of my garden shed studio. Fiber arts counterbalance the intense human
contact and often illogical bureaucracy of my “day job” at Social
Services. I lose myself in time through detailed labor-intensive
processes. I strive to push my own limits as well as the limits of
the techniques and materials that I use.

Jewel Beetle Teapot

Handwoven, etched and fabricated; sterling silver, fine silver, 18
karat gold, jewel beetle (Buprestid) wings, Dichroic glass beads,
ammonite, peridot and Mexican Opal
Courtesy of Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, MA
Photo: Carol Holaday


Handwoven, etched and fabricated; sterling silver, 14 karat gold,
resin and spinel
Photo: Carol Holaday


Handwoven (looped), etched and fabricated; sterling silver,22 karat
gold, 18 karat gold, enamel, citrine, and beads
Photo: Carol Holaday

Una Ala #1

Handwoven (looped), anodized and fabricated; copper, niobium,
sterling silver and opal
Photo: Carol Holaday


Handwoven (looped), knit, anodized and fabricated; fine silver,
sterling silver, 22 karat gold, 18 karat gold, niobium, jewel beetle
(Buprestid) wing, copper, shibuichi and opal
Photo: Carol Holaday