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[New Orchid Gallery] Iris Algom

Iris Algom

As an art jeweler I work like a sculptor. I make “sculptures to
wear”. By wearing a sculpture, letting it touch your skin or
attaching it to your clothes, you create a more intimate and
personal relationship to the object. In the current collection I use
reflections of human forms and landscapes. Starting from a
2-dimensional sheet of metal or wax I transform feelings and
thoughts in to 3-dimensional forms. During the process I constantly
add and remove elements to create multiple layers of light and dark.
Using 24k gold, oxidized silver, white silver, metal on metal, I
strive to present images of strength and sensitivity. Brooches,
rings, cuff-links, key chains and pendants to nourish your soul.

Photo Credit: Thomas Brukbauer, Jaap Hamburger

  • Brooch “blossom”, 74x28x12mm, sterling silver/24k gold
  • Brooch no. 2, 64x41x15mm, sterling silver/24k gold
  • Brooch/pendant, 66x26x10mm, sterling silver/24k gold
  • Brooch no. 4, 75x14x11mm, sterling silver
  • Brooch “Spilling”, 55x39x21mm, sterling silver/24k gold
  • Cuff links, 32x22x10mm, sterling silver
  • Earrings, 32x22x10mm, sterling silver
  • Brooch “Olympics”, 49x22x9mm, sterling silver/24k gold
  • Brooch “big and small”, 74x28x12mm, 49x22x9mm, sterling silver/24k
  • Key chain, 54x22x17mm, sterling silver/24k gold
  • Key chain 54x22x17mm sterling silver
  • Brooch + earrings, 68x23x11mm, 29x22x6mm, sterling silver + rope .
  • Brooch + cuff links, 68x23x11mm, 29x22x6mm, sterling silver/24k
  • Two Babies, 43x28x15mm each, sterling silver