[New Orchid Gallery] Elizabeth Ann Tokoly

Elizabeth Ann Tokoly
EatMetal, Inc.
Hoboken, NJ. USA

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My art jewelry is cultivated through math and nature. Geometry in
found in many facets of nature. Geometry illustrates relationships
of points, lines, angles, surfaces and solids. Geometry is a
configuration of objects or parts that suggest geometric figures. I
observe the phenomena of the physical world. I study natural forms,
symmetry and geometry that existed in nature. Nature is organic
denoting a relation between elements that fit together harmoniously
as necessary parts of a whole. We can decompose nature into isolated
bits but it is incredibly special when you look at the bits in
relationship to one another. In nature, the whole is viewed greater
than the fragments.

The work echoes the gracefulness of organic characteristics of
nature. The work has a minimal aesthetic. It exhibits simple lines,
primary forms, shapes or structures. The work uses systems,
arrangement and distribution of components consisting of more than
one part, element or bit. It is an evolution of a form into an
object or piece of wearable art.

I construct my work with traditional techniques and contemporary
ideas. It is hand crafted in precious metals sterling silver, 18k
gold and combinations of 18k gold with patinated sterling silver. I
use colored gemstones and diamonds in various shapes.

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