[New Orchid Gallery] Dylan G Johnson

Dylan G Johnson
Denver, Colorado. USA

I believe in the spirit of old style craftsmanship combined with
using today’s cutting edge technology and specialty finishing
techniques to create works of art that blur the lines of design
through the ages. There are some who simply like to go back to a
certain time and design things similar to that era but I wish to
move not backwards but ahead. While I am influenced by the Art
Nouveau movement of the late 19th century I wish to combine the old
with the new and go in new directions that create an entirely new
movement for this millennium.

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Good for you Dylan - always nice to read about someone who is
looking FORWARD. We do live in an absolutely incredible era and there
is no reason to keep on keeping on in the old old traditions
(referring to designs here) when we have so many NEW IDEAS we could
be pursuing. I like your idea of the cutting edge technology and
finishing techniques. I do think we have lots to offer in this era.
And I speak from a position of having lived through a bunch of
periods - at 81 believe me, I embrace the designs of NOW and think
our technology is absolutely mindboggling. Wish I were younger, I’d
go for it in a big way.