[New Orchid Gallery] Donna Lee Greenberg

Donna Lee Greenberg

I am a self taught jewelry artist and sculptor with a fine arts
degree in painting and ceramics. I have been exploring the
sculptural side of jewery making primarily through the use of
polymer clay and some metal work. I love the immediacy of polymer
clay as it allows me to express my dual interests in organic forms
and narrative storytelling such as in my Frida’s heart pendant and I
am endlessly fascinated by the chameleon like nature of it’s

My inspirations are many, from the formation of a coral reef to a
walk through a sculpture gallery at the Met. Living near a great
city like NYC my whole life has never failed to spark my muse as I
feel I thrive on the constant change and energy that comes along
with an urban environment. My goals are to incorporate more
materials such as resins and paper into my work as my personal
vision expands.

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