[New Orchid Gallery] Diana Ferguson

Diana Ferguson

Precious metals, combined with intricate and time-consuming weaving
techniques, are the building blocks for my jewelry designs. I’m a
personal adornment sculptor and create out of my home studio in
Phoenix, Arizona.

With a background in art history and studio art, I’m self-taught in
jewelry making. I think of myself as a weaver, more so than a bench
jeweler. I participate in select juried events throughout the year,
primarily in the western and mid-western United States. I’ve been a
full time artisan since 2007.

About the Work

My jewelry conveys an ongoing fascination with the idea of
transformation and how objects of great beauty can begin with
simple, even plain, components. In my work, wire on the coil becomes
transformed into classic jewelry designs for women and men, using
weave structures that are ancient, contemporary or out of my
imagination. In some pieces, I let the beauty of the metal and the
complexity of the weave stand alone. In others, I embellishwith a
pendant I’ve sculpted from fine silver, an inlaid gemstone clasp or
Swarovski pearls.

The Process

The creation process begins with sterling silver, 18k gold, 14k gold
filled or copper wire, from which I create links of different sizes.
Using these links as the basis for constructing the piece (hundreds
can go into a single design) I select a weave or weaves to use. Some
weaves are round or tubular to create dense chain; others are flat
to create mesh. Once the weave is complete, I may leave the metal in
its natural state, or manipulate it with oxidation or other surface
finishing techniques. Finally, I add embellishments and closures.
While the weaves are time-consuming and painstakingyou could call it
a labor of lovethe work is focused and meditative, which is my joy.
The end result is distinctive personal adornment with wonderful
tactile qualities and tremendous visual intricacies.

Diana Ferguson
Artemis Designs