[New Orchid Gallery] David Maule

David Maule,
Art Jewellery Lugano, Switzerland
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DUST KREATIONS- The story of a passion Unconventional by nature,the
italian master goldsmith and designer artist David Maule states this
character in each piece of jewelry that he creates. The conventional
jewelry made cliches, designed and created by 3D printers on
computer is not for him.

Strong supporter of the craft, the true “handmade Made in Italy”, he

From dust and matter life is created. Hence the name DUST KREATIONS
an evocative name that is a tribute to nature and its forms. The
jewels of the collection are produced in limited series and in some
cases we are talking about unique pieces, creations that go beyond
the traditional geometric and conventional lines of modern jewelry,
they seek plasticity in organic and natural shapes, they live beyond
fashions and time. From the hands of the artist true works of art
are born, small sculptures to wear where gold, diamonds and precious
stones of all kinds come together in ways that seem shaped by the
force of the elements.

The high quality of the raw materials used and the strong character
that distinguishes the entire collection, destine the creations DUST
KREATIONS certainly to customers attentive and sensitive to the
magic that jewellery of Art can transmit. Through the collection
DUST KREATIONS Exclusive Jewellery Art the artist wants to offer the
public a different way of interpreting the jewel breaking the
classic patterns and involving the person in a fantastic game of
creative seduction.

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