[New Orchid Gallery] David E. Lee

Artist: David E. Lee
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began my professional career as a bench jeweler for a retail store
at the age of 16. With an intuitive understanding of the materials,
I saw examples of the expert and the inexpert, both at the repair
bench and at the sales counter. I had the opportunity to closely
examine designs and techniques from around the globe and throughout
history. I absorbed those concepts as a basis for my own ideas,
maturing as a designer and as a craftsman.

By the age of 28, I felt ready for the challenge of my own store. I
successfully ran a full service guild type store for fourteen years.
During this time, I passed the examination to earn the title of
Certified Master Bench Jeweler. As my jewelry met with increasingly
positive receptions, and as the demand for my designs grew, I began
to explore options that would allow me to design and create full
time. In 2001, I closed my gallery and founded david lee jeweler. My
experience puts me in the position to understand the retail jeweler
and deliver an exceptional product.