[New Orchid Gallery] Claudio Pino

Claudio Pino

Claudio Pino is a jewellery designer world renowned especially for
his unique sculptural rings. The combination of colors is the source
of all Pino=B4s designs. He is passionate about gemstones and
fascinated by their properties. He juxtaposes icy silver with the
warm glow of gold, calm green emeralds with vivid red rubies,
complimented with the fresh hue of white pearls. In his design,
Claudio Pino searches for originality and integrity of expression
while exploring various forms of communication in jewelry. All his
collections bear witness to the historical grandeur of jewelry
making, while at the same time they are animated by contemporary
tones. Having connected to one=B4s own body movements and
having it associated with one=B4s personal appearance is his subject
of investigation all by itself.

During the creative process, I never forget that someone will be
wearing the ring. Therefore, rings first need to be very comfortable
and belong to the hand. My rings come alive only when they find
their owners

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