[New Orchid Gallery] Chiara Bet

Chiara Bet
Chiara Bet Designs
Sheffield, UK

The inspiration behind Chiara’s work comes from a deep intrigue with
human body, folklore and mythology, morphed by her personal
narratives & fantasies.

In an approach similar to the one of the old masters, concepts and
visions first find life as illustrations on paper, to be
subsequently translated in their three-dimensional form by the
artist through methodical hand carving of wax models. “Drawing is
for me a crucial part of the creative process, and I like to keep
the energy of the designs alive through the making.” The detailed
carvings are then cast in silver and composed in pieces of jewellery
by the distinct narrative feel - their sculptural quality enhancing
the storytelling virtue and charm.

Details of gold and the inclusion of precious and semi-precious
gemstones and pearls further enrich the designs in a colour palette
reminiscent of Renaissance artworks, a reflection of Chiara’s
Italian background.

“With my work I wish to inspire a feel of wonder and amusement in
the wearer, offering bite size escapism from everyday reality by
capturing some magic in portable pieces of narrative art.”

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