[New Orchid Gallery] Beth Novak

Beth Novak

I am originally from Wisconsin, where I went to UW Stout and got a
degree in Studio Art, with a concentration in art metals. I have
lived in St. Louis Park for the last 20 years, and after
experimenting with different mediums, I have returned to my first
love, metals.

I work with enamel on copper and sterling silver. I love to explore
texture and color - and I find that both silver and enamel on copper
really allows me to do so!

I form the copper before enameling to give the piece some depth.
Often, I layer multiple pieces of enamel, adding interest and
texture with holes, bumps or graphite lines.

My pieces are fabricated using sterling silver. I leave many of the
textures in the surface of the silver that happen as a result of me
working the metal. The patina I use is quite durable and has a
wonderful depth of color.

It=B4s not easy to say where my ideas come from. I was raised in a
very artistic home, and I grew up believing you could look at just
about anything as inspiration!

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Love the double rings. Way to go!
Linda Kaye-Moses