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[New Orchid Gallery] Barbara Christie


Barbara Christie

My intension is to unite a sculptural quality with the best possible
wearability. It is about construction, colour, tactile surfaces and
movement - something individual and one-off being created with each
piece. This leads to a diverse and stimulating range of work.

The materials chosen by me for the making of my work are of the
utmost importance. I create a colour palette in which the colours of
the stones and the materials merge together. Unusual stones form an
important part of the designs, and they come from particular stone
dealers from all over the world. The shapes for some of the stones
are determined by the design and are cut for this. The quality of
the stones is reflected in their brilliance and form. A range of
decorative surface patterns is created, giving more detail to the
finished article. The precious metals are enhanced with a matt

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Very interesting and nice work! What is cultivated coral? I know
about dyed but never heard of cultivated.