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[New Orchid Gallery] Atinuj Atty Tantivit

Atinuj Atty Tantivit

Balancing Act I:

Strong women in today’s world inspire me. As a person, I hope to
exhibit both strength and fragility at the same time. My jewelry
creation is no exception. A balance between feminine and masculine
qualities is the heart of my design.

The complexity of today’s women inspires my design. Women could be
warm or cold, confident or vulnerable depending on the situation.
The metals used in my pieces demonstrate these qualities: yellow
gold being warm and vulnerable while sterling silver being cold and
confident. The contrast in the use of the metals is sometimes
subtle, other times clearly visiblejust like how a woman wants to
express herself and her feelings at different times.

Balancing Act II:

Like an environmentalist stuck in a concrete jungle, I yearn to find
a balance between man-made and natural environments. This has become
an inspiration in my works where geometric forms represent man-made
quality while curved lines represent nature. The shapes and forms of
various elements are put together to form a balanced body of

Balancing Act III:

Being a born Buddhist, I try to live my life in moderation. There’s
no extreme at either end. Exaggeration is not what I intend to
represent, nor is blandness. I was taught to be content with what I
have, more importantly, who I am and be the best I can be for the
society I live in. I hope to pass my socially responsible thoughts on
to my pieces. It is the soul of my designs.

Picture 1: Our of the Tube; Ring; 18K Gold, 925 Silver,
Freshwater Pearls

Picture 2: Hanuman: Lord of the Ling; Pendant; 18K Gold, 925
Silver, Bone Bead

Picture 3: Bar Ring Series; Rings; 18K Gold 925 Silver