[New Orchid Gallery] Armen Vardapetyan

Armen VAR Vardapetyan
Yerevan, Armenia
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Since childhood I’ve taken great interest in applied arts. When at
high school, I attended and completed special courses on sculpture
of small forms. I am fond of planing, moulding, forging and curving
different wares. I use various materials in my works: metal, clay,
wood, glass, animal bones, bread-crumb, etc.

In 2008, I seriously decided to try myself in applied arts,
jeweler’s art in particular. I had spent much time at libraries,
museums, workshops of famous Armenian jewelers; studied various
styles and professional skills, history and culture of jeweler’s
art. Interesting is that my university education helped me deeply
understand the secrets of my new profession in relatively short
terms. I want to believe that all this enabled me to develop my
individual approach to and concept of creating jewels. In my works,
I try to use non-traditional for jeweler’s art materials: exotic
breeds of wood, clam-shells, raw crystals, rubber, leather, copper,
titanium, etc. I’m sure that jewelry should only be hand-made.
Otherwise, they’ll lack soul. That’s why all stages of making a
jewel proceed manually. The machine can’t substitute the hands of
the jeweller. No machine-made item has the energy and warmth the
fingers of the master transfer to the wares. Sometimes, tiny defects
of manual work are visible on the jewelry, and this makes the item
unique and fills it with vital energy.

In 2010 I was awarded the honorary title of a National Expert in
Silverworks by the Republic of Armenia Ministry of Culture.

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