[New Orchid Gallery] Ansiosa Hormona

Ansiosa Hormona
Jessica Ivana Morillo
San Miguel De Tucuman, Argentina

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ANSIOSA HORMONA born 3 years ago is the result of the search and
research staff to develop a product based on contemporary jewelery
questions the traditional textile uses of an accessory in a society
with preset parameters on the shape, color, texture, size, and
materials. The main technique is the tissue in all its variables
crochet, macrame, weaving and Miranda, in the art of crochet is a
branch which is known as free form or free form which is to
deconstruct the formats, so I bond with the fabric without following
schemes appropriating traditional and ancient techniques to solve
parts contemporary expression. There are 2 production lines in
textile paintings which focuses on the use of color and portable
sculptures which takes center stage volume. There is a special
highlight is the approach of each product with the concept of single
piece no two equal products, I have the need not repeat the parts
I’m always looking variables in production. The firm’s objective is
to install a hormone Eager conceptual design proposal reflective of
the social, breaking with the conventional ways of perceiving a
piece in this case a string Using selected experimentation and
research. Who knows who buys a piece that not only is taking an
object of design but also a different way of seeing the world.

Jessica morillo, 24 years study at art school and is currently
studying Ms. De Arts in the Faculty of Arts is apparel and
accessories designer, visual artist, sculptor responsible and
creative signature ANSIOSA HORMONA, with which it has developed a
line of contemporary jewelry textiles, which has excelled in the
design Tucumano by its merger with the art, offering unique and
unconventional pieces, making cover areas such as store Virla Virla
cultural center since 2009 until today, has received honorable
mention in the linen room Spilimbergo, Faculty of Arts esp.

Was selected in the first room design made in the cultural center
Virla UNT and the street circuit by the inti and protect foundation
in 2010. It was a scholarship from the Fashion Freak to participate
in the international end of the tour 2010 in the city of Buenos
Aires. He has done in 2011 his first solo show, “This body is mine,”
Art and Design where he has committed, involved the design and art
into a social problem which the woman lives. Other group shows that
has been conducting since 2003 until now. In the same year was
selected to participate in the Feria Puro Diseo.

Have been trained in workshops, courses, talks and seminars as
museological theory and practice, bite, cool hanting, trends,
fashion history, design and reflection from the environment,
knowledge transfer workshops in jumping on the week fashion, among
others. He served as professor at the “Workshop accessories
experimental design” in the experimental sketch apparel and textile
UNTI participate as an exhibitor space to 2011. 2012 Selected to
participate in construction of the first symposium, workshop "Just
one look by Jorge Manilla, Museum of Architecture in Buenos Aires.

Invited to participate in the exhibition “Conjunction” collective of
artists and jewelers from Argentina, under the First Symposium on
Construction, Pietro Gachi Gallery in Buenos Aires. Selected to
participate in the Pure Design Fair 2012. Deshacer cambios

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