[New Orchid Gallery] Ann Biederman

Ann Biederman

I have taken a new direction in my work, or my work has taken me in
a new direction, depending upon how you view life. Since the price of
gold is so high it does not allow me to work at the pace I enjoy and
certainly makes my work very expensive since I use 22k. I have
returned to a much earlier time period in my bench-life when I
experimented more, created much looser work and was not so
constricted to measurements and strict guidelines. Perhaps this
comes with age, more confidence in my skills, lack of funds to
purchase an abundance of gold, a desire for new endeavors, a creative
surge, or all of the above. I have incorporated all the many skills I
have learned over a lifetime of classes and work and metal-smithing
knowledge. In creating this heart collection I have incooperated
chasing, repousse, kum-boo, riveting, raising, soldering,
experimenting and lots of fun and discovery. Each piece created
leads me to another idea, a new experiment and more excitement. Hope
you enjoy them… anni